Through these unprecedented times. At RCCN we are doing all we can to demonstrate our love for one another by creating an environment that will help the most vulnerable to feel comfortable enough to gather for worship.  We have a great system in place to make you feel comfortable, and to help others understand your comfortability.

WRIST BANDS- We have color-coded wristbands for your convenience. Grab one on the way in to signify to others what interaction you are comfortable with:

Green or NO wristband= I am huggable. You should be prepared for hugs because we love to hug!

Yellow= I am cool with a fist bump or handshake, but I am being cautious.

Red= I love you but from a distance. Give me a wave from the other side of the room. I still got love for you!

LIMITED SERVICES -Discipleship opportunities are available via Zoom and in-person, depending on your comfortability level.  At RCCN services are offered online services via our website, via Facebook Live, and via our app. We respect whatever means you choose to worship with us.  We are glad you are with us, no matter what method you choose!

MASKS & HAND SANITIZER -Masks are available for your convenience and hand sanitizer is readily available in multiple locations. We diligently clean and sanitize the entire building including pens and light switches on a weekly basis. We are committed to doing our part to make sure the facility is clean and sanitized regularly. Anti-bacterial soap and wipes are used throughout the building.