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It's time for the annual Stride for Life event at Maury River Middle School in Lexington. Join our RCCN team (led by Paula Putnam) for an evening walk and activities ... all for an amazing cause: LIFE!

Stride for Life is an event by ComfortCare Women's Health, a Christian healthcare provider in our community.

From ComfortCare:

When you raise funds in the Stride for Life, you are providing vital life-saving services to women and men in our community who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Because of your support, they will receive all of these services at no cost to them:
• nurse’s consultation & pregnancy testing
• pregnancy confirmation
• medical consultation
• peer counseling on pregnancy options
• STI testing

Engage, Educate, Equip & Empower Women

ComfortCare Women’s Health seeks to engage individuals with unintended pregnancies; educate individuals on sexual and reproductive health as it relates to pregnancy outcomes; equip individuals with abortion-alternative services; and empower individuals in a life-affirming way.

Save Lives

ComfortCare is the only local health center specializing in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of unplanned pregnancy. We aim to meet women where they are in their journey and help them to meet both practical and spiritual needs as it pertains to both her life and the life of her child.